How to Select Stone for Your Landscape

There are many beautiful stone products available in the UK. The design aesthetic is arguably the most important factor in choosing your stone, however, a number of other factors should be considered. Among these are, how the surface will be used, the colour, age, and architecture of your home, your project budget, and the level of maintenance that is acceptable.

Local limestone, such as Owen Sound or Credit Valley, either in dimensional or flagstone, is the most popular choice, but, by no means the only one. Granite, either native or imported, is very effective, used in cobbles for a more established old country look, or inflamed slabs for a more polished finish, perhaps for a French garden.

Porphyry is a natural stone we like very much for its unique warm reds, browns, and grays. Porphyry is imported from Mexico but is also available from Italy and Brazil in slightly …